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Dysthymic Disorder

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  Left untreated, dysthymia may turn into major depression

Dysthymic Disorder is often misdiagnosed and/or undiagnosed and many dysthymia suffers may be told to get over it and move on. Those who suffer from Dysthymic Disorder know that even though doctors and therapists have labeled it as "mild," Dysthymic Disorder is not mile. In fact, if left untreated, dysthymia may turn into major depression, called "double depression." Dysthymia can take away a person's joy, leaving one with a sense of worthlessness, anxiety, anger and overall malaise.

Most of the medical websites about Dysthymic Disorder provide information written by people who do not suffer from Dysthymic Disorder.

The site is unique because:

  • it's designed by someone who was diagnosed with dysthymia in 2010 
  • dysthymia suffers are encouraged to tell their stories, thoughts and experiences.

Pages of interest include:




The DSM-V is now calling dysthymia, persistant depressive disorder.

All forms of depression should be taken seriously.